Small Company-Based Scholarships and Contests

The following is a list of scholarships offered by a variety of companies. Many request that you write an essay, video, or blog. These opportunities are usually in the amount of $1,000  but others range from $200-$5,000. Some have multiple deadline dates.

It is recommnded that you review the application requirements and disclosures thoroughly before applying, as many of the opportunties have special requirements that may ask for you to register for a service or like and/or share their social media pages with your friends and acquaintances as a way to market their products and/or services. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships neither discourages nor supports the process of applying for the scholarships listed. Please note that you apply at your own discretion.


August 2018


Play Famously Scholarship

Medicare FAQ Scholarship

Sutliff and Stout Annual Scholarship Contest

WalletHacks $1,000 Financial Freedom Scholarship

Workplace Rights Law Group  Annual Scholarship Contest

Creative Scholarship Competition

Clunker Junker Cash For Cars and College

Honest Review Scholarship Program

The HSP Scholarship Program

2018 S.P.R.O.W.T. Scholarship


September 2018


PinMrt, Inc. Scholarship for a Cause

Actuated Valva Supplies Design Our Banner Competition

2018 Never Drink and Drive Scholarship

Well Being Kid Internet Marketing Scholarship

Wall Street Prep U.S. Undergraduate Scholarships Program

LedsMaster's LED Lighting Scholarship for College Students 2018-2019

LegalZoom Scholarship

Techybeasts Internet Marketing Scholarship

Provident Metals Scholarships Essay Contest





SleepZoo Sleep Awareness Scholarship scholarships




Fourth Annual Looking Beyong College Scholarships Essay Contest

Danley's Garage Builders Scholarship

David Ghozland Scholarship Program 2018

CouponoBox Smart Student Scholarship

Life Insurance Scholarship 2018 

Trendhim Scholarship

Couponmarathon Scholarship




Shopsmart Scholarship

CreditSoup Scholarship



Multiple Deadlines

The Future of Bariatric Surgery

Thomas J. Henry Leadership Scholarship Program

Buddha Teas Fair Trade Scholarship Program

Theater Masks Bi-Annual Scholarship scholarship

LA Tutors Innovation in Education Scholarship’s new scholarship

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal Semiannual Scholarship

The RentHop Apartment Scholarship

Richard West Law Office Bi-annual Student Loan Scholarship

Shear Comfort Automotive Scholarship

Theater Masks Bi-Annual Scholarship
Supply Chain Management Education Scholarship
BlueVine Young Entrepreneur Scholarship
Restoration USA Academic Entrepreneur Reward Scholarship
How to Start a Blog Scholarship
QuoteWizard Safe Driver Scholarship
Americanmuscle's Student Scholarship
Picture Keeper Scholarship
Double D Trailers $500 Scholarship
OppU Achievers Scholarship
Swope, Rodante P.A. Scholarships for Philanthropic Efforts $2500 Scholarship for Talented Students
Deputy Scholarships for Women in Technology
EasyEDA Electronic Engineering Communication Scholarship
FitnessGyd $1200 Scholarships for Engineering and Medical Students
Global Volunteers Bi-Annual Student Volunteer Abroad Scholarship
The S&T Scholarship program From Showboxa.Com
YUJA Monthly Scholarships Essay Contest
USA Corporate Services Inc. Scholarship
Main Street Lenders Mortgage Scholarship
Swift Accounts Scholarship
The PictureKepper Scholarship
Women in Computing Scholarship
BestGrill Internet Marketing Scholarship Program
Monitor Guide Internet Marketing Scholarship
Golden Financial Scholarship
FamilyHW Internet Marketing Scholarship
Genetex Scholarships Program
National Credit Card Relief Scholarship